Puzzle person


Puzzles are underrated and unappreciated nowadays.  My grandmother ALWAYS had a jigsaw puzzle she was working on in her basement.  Our family had fun finding new and more challenging ones for her to work on throughout the years.  We also did puzzles together as a family from time to time and I always enjoyed the grown-up feeling of trying to find which piece fit on the same puzzle my mom was working on.

This love of puzzles is still alive in me today!

Did you know that jigsaw puzzles are actually good not only for entertainment, but also for your brain health?  It is a leisurely activity with real benefits!

First of all, they help with Hand-Eye Coordination.  As a person (young or old) places pieces, fine motor skills improve.  Secondly, puzzles improve Visual and Short-Term Memory as these are used throughout putting the puzzle together.  They also improve Critical Thinking and Solving Skills.  Last, but definitely not least, as you put together a jigsaw puzzle, you are using both the Left and Right Side of your Brain.  When you use both sides of your brain it allows you to pass from the Beta state to the Alpha state, and also increases the efficiency and capacity of your brain cells.

This is an activity for all ages!  There are so many to choose from and you don’t have to do the whole puzzle in one setting.  Set up a card table and work on one after dinner with your family, or even while you watch TV!

Here is the puzzle I am working on at the moment (one my lovely husband gave me for a Christmas present).  🙂


Have Fun! 🙂


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