I usually start my day off with a nice warm mug of peppermint tea.  Besides the delicious and refreshing taste, I looked into my mug this morning and wondered if peppermint had any more benefits.  I have noticed in the past that peppermint (tea, gum, etc) seemed to help with headache and upset stomach.  My research showed even more benefits!


-Has been used throughout history and is one of the oldest medicines still in use today!

-Can increase blood circulation.

-Provides pain relief.

-Helps to relieve nausea.

-Can be effective in treating irritated skin or scalp by giving a cooling sensation and nourishing the skin itself.

-Can be used as aromatherapy to calm nervousness and anxiety.


And the list goes on and on!  Who knew such a commonplace herb could be so beneficial to our health!  I’m going to try some of the suggested uses of peppermint and see the great outcomes for myself! 🙂








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