Lame…but I’m a fan!


OK so…some people might think this post is lame, but if you are an adult or at least someone who has EVER scrubbed a stubborn stove top before…you will agree in thinking this is awesome. 🙂

Today I was battling an ANNOYING grease mess on my stove that had been cooked on several times (I can’t clean EVERY time I cook. 😛 ).  I used a store-bought cleaner and it was still requiring much more elbow-grease than I was willing to give.  I decided to look online for a simple homemade cleaner that I could make quickly.  I was not expecting such awesome and INSTANT results as this.  I got the miracle cleaner recipe from THIS article.

Simply combine equal parts salt, baking soda, and water (I used a tablespoon as the article suggested).  Spread onto the stain and WIPE clean!  I used a paper towel so I could just throw it away after and not worry about it reacting with the other cleaner on my scrubbing cloth. It actually worked! Who knew? 🙂

Unfortunately I do not have a before picture to show the difference…but here is an after picture! All sparkly and clean. 🙂


Use it next time your store-bought cleaner is letting you down! 🙂 I’m definitely a fan!


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